Rhodium Finishing

Rhodium Plating Or Finishing Is A Process Used In Jewellery To Apply A Thin Layer Of Rhodium, A Rare And Highly Reflective Metal, Onto The Surface Of A Base Metal, With Us It Is Sterling Silver And May Include White Gold. This Plating Is Done To Enhance The Appearance, Durability, And Resistance To Tarnish Of The Item. Rhodium Is Known For Its Brilliant White Colour And Ability To Provide A High Level Of Shine And Luster. It Also Forms A Protective Barrier That Helps Prevent The Underlying Metal From Reacting With Elements That Could Cause Tarnishing, Such As Air And Moisture. Rhodium-Plated Jewelry Often Has A Bright And Polished Finish, Resembling The Look Of Platinum Or White Gold.

Over Time And Though Continued Use Rhodium Will Eventually Wear Away Whether This Be On Sterling Silver Or White Gold Fine Jewellery, Fortunately Jewellery Can Be Refinished And The Item Returned To As New Condition. We Offer This Service To All Our Long-Standing Customer, Please Enquire If This Is Of Interest.